MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2013: Soccer Analytics Panel

Panelists : Chris Anderson, Albert Larcada, Blake Wooster, Jeff Agoos The makeup of this year’s panel is very different from that of Soccer Panel at SSAC 2012. Dominated by “club insiders” last year, this year’s panel had a mix of “outsiders” like Chris Anderson, Blake Wooster from Prozone represented the data companies, Albert Larcada from ESPN coming from media […] Read more ›


Sports Hack Day Project

I have been busy ever since I started working for the Seattle Sounders about a month ago. It has been great so far. We are less than a month away from the season kick-off. I am very excited, to say the least. Coming up in a few weeks is the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in […] Read more ›

MLS Playoffs: Does something need fixing?

Seattle Sounders were eliminated from the MLS playoffs on Sunday night. I have seen a lot of discussion about MLS playoff format and its drawbacks in the past few weeks and more of it now that two lower seeds have made it to the MLS Cup final. Photo: MLS Playoff Bracket from Both 1st seeds, […] Read more ›

MCFC Analytics blogposts Summary #9

In the past week, I found the following posts written using the #MCFCAnalytics data Some interesting stuff by @PedroAfonso85 building on some previous work  to breakdown the importance of ball possession and some discussion about the oft discussed yet hard to quantify, momentum. @MarkTaylor0 analyzed Blocked shots to find if blocking shots is a talent. […] Read more ›

MCFC Analytics blogposts – Summary #8

Here is the list of interesting posts I found in the past week An interesting post on home advantage and how it manifests itself into football stats by @FbPerspectives. The post also has a link to a detailed paper from 2009 on home advantage. Guardian Data blog has an interactive visualization of the Bolton – City […] Read more ›

MCFC Analytics – blogposts summary #7

I did not see too many new posts in the past week. I didn’t publish any as I was busy with a different project. An interactive viz of Bolton – Manchester City  match data by @JBurnMurdoch on @GuardianData blog @HPStats attempts at defining metrics to be able to cluster players based on their style. Here […] Read more ›

MCFC Analytics-Summary of blogposts #6

This week I saw a few more new bloggers getting into the act with the data. First up, there was this article by @RWhittall of where Richard talked about “soccer data abuse by some bloggers using the MCFC data”. The gist of the article is that some of the bloggers are extrapolating too much […] Read more ›

Sounders vs. Timbers – The Cascadia Cup Derby

Warning : No stats or data analysis in this post :-) In a weekend filled with great derbies and ‘super-clásicos’ I was lucky enough to watch the “Cascadia Derby”, live. I rarely missed a Sounders home game in the past year or so. This one was special, my first taste of Seattle – Portland. People […] Read more ›

Sunderland – Opposition Analysis

This is an “Opposition analysis” of Sunderland, City’s opponent on Saturday 2012/10/6 at the Etihad. I used the #MCFCAnalytics Lite data set to do this analysis. Disclaimer: The analysis is primarily based on data from 2011-12 season with some data points from the first six games of 2012-13 season. Sunderland – Offense Goals 1.13 per […] Read more ›