Big Spanish clubs almost certain of CL last 16

The Champions League kicks off this week and the big three Spanish clubs in Euro Club Index terms are all but certain of making the second round of the competition. The fourth Spanish team, Athletic Bilbao, have profited more than … Continue reading Read more ›

CL draw system increases Group of Death chance

The Champions League draw pots for this evening are based on the UEFA coefficients for clubs at the end of last season. Those coefficients are based on a five year performance in European competition. In general, this system works reasonably … Continue reading Read more ›

Schrödinger’s Shot: On theoretical goal rates

Sometimes it’s the simplest seeming sentences that hide the most complicated ideas. Players have roughly equivalent shooting skills. It seems like such a basic concept. A challenge. If it’s true there’s no point in talking about shooting. If it’s false, then it should be easy to prove. But, when you really break that claim down […]
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A match of two legs?

It feels like it’s been a long two months without European football. With the Spanish, English and German title competitions looking pretty much wrapped up at the moment and a disappointing Africa Cup of Nations, it’s exciting to welcome back … Continue reading Read more ›

Messi and Ronaldo – Clasico Special

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are arguably the two best players of this generation. They go head-to-head for the 6th time this season. The intent of this post is to celebrate these two players on the eve of a Clasico. While both Messi and Ronaldo have scored 41 goals a piece so far, they following [...] Read more ›

What if the Champions League Really Was a League?

With the second week of fixtures in the Group Stages of the Champions League about to begin, we thought it would be interesting to look at how the structure of the competition affects the percentage chance each team has of … Continue reading Read more ›

Fortress Bernabeu? Real Madrid Can Win the League By Playing Better Defense (Or By Barcelona Playing Worse Defense)

Not imposing enough?The other day, Jose Mourinho made news by claiming that last season was his best ever as a coach. Truth is, he did do very well. Real came in second in La Liga, won the cup, and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. Now, … Read more ›