The Corner Kings: Blackpool’s (Almost) Saving Grace

I’ve been looking for a positive way to say goodbye to Blackpool who were relegated after playing a single spirited and entertaining season in the Premier League. So here’s my swan song for the Tangerines.Corners are neither the most common nor the mos… Read more ›

The Uselessness of Free Kicks in the Premier League

If you’ve been reading this blog these last few weeks, you know that I’ve been spending way too much time digging through data on shot creation in the Premier League with the help of the Opta/Guardian chalkboards. But I can’t quite help myself, so… Read more ›

Which Shots Are Most Efficient? Creating Goals From Different Kinds of Shots in the EPL

A few days ago, I took a look at the origins of goals in the first half of this year’s Premier League season to see what we can learn about the connection between different match situations (defined as open play, corners, fast breaks, penalties, a… Read more ›

Where Do Goals Come From? Shot Creation and Goals in the Premier League

Goals don’t just happen – they are made. Both on offense and defense, teams control how they deploy their resources (speak: players) on the pitch, and they make tactical choices about how to attack and defend. Some rely more on fast breaks, while other… Read more ›

Shots That Matter: Team Differences in Creating Chances From Fast Breaks in the EPL

When Hernandez scored for Manchester United in the first minute of play against Chelsea today on a fast break after a beautiful pass from Park, it reminded me of the high value such shots have for teams. Mind you, these kinds of opportunities don’t com… Read more ›

Creating Shots From Open Play: Which Premier League Teams Perform Best?

Here’s another analysis of shot creation in the Premier League. This time, I’m looking into the creation of accurate shots from one specific kind of situation: open play.From the earlier analyses, we already know the following basic facts from the firs… Read more ›

Team Differences in Shot Creation: The First Half of the 2010/11 EPL Season

I’ve been spending a few posts looking at shot creation in the Premiership. One of the things I haven’t spent much time on is differences across teams in in terms of who has been creating the most and least shots from different kinds of situations. The… Read more ›

Which Shots Are More Likely To Be On Target? Accurate Shot Creation in the Premier League

In an earlier post, I took a closer look at shot creation in the Premier League to see what number and proportion of shots are created from different match situations. The numbers, courtesy of the Opta/Guardian chalkboards and covering the first h… Read more ›

Shot Creation in the Premier League: Data From the 1st Half of the Season

Soccer’s relatively low scores compared to other team sports make the game exciting and agonizing at the same time. After all, any one score, any one action or mistake on the field can make or break a team’s day. Soccer’s high stakes and the rare beaut… Read more ›