Data dump: The 2013-14 Premiership season

As simple as the title states. The 2012-13 version of this post can be found here. The counting metrics are presented in the form For | Against | Ratio Where ratio is equivalent to Event for / (Events for + Events against) Goals Shots on target Total shots % of total shots on target for … Continue reading Read more ›

On the over-performance of Liverpool in ’13-14 compared to previous Premiership champions

From Michael Caley on twitter today: @RWhittall @JamesTylerESPN @mixedknuts @JamesWGrayson Have Liverpool overperformed by more than the typical champion? That’s harder to say. — Michael Caley (@MC_of_A) April 23, 2014 I think that the first part of this is intuitive. There’s a group of good teams at the top of the table, some will under-perform … Continue reading
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220 down, 160 to go – Comparing the preseason predictions

For the source post containing the original predictions click here, and for a summary of how I’m analysing the predictions during the season click here. Both images look better in full size – feel free to click on them to bring up their full resolution equivalents. Firstly let’s look at how the models are doing … Continue reading
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200 down, 180 to go – data dump

Data dump of the season so far. There’ll be a team summary similar to this one up when I write one. The previous data dump can be found here. For definitions click on the link before each table. TSR PDO Qualcomp faced (higher = tougher opponents) QualcompTSR (TSR adjusted to take opponent strength into account) … Continue reading »
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Which metrics are the most repeatable between the first 19 and final 19 games of the season?

In the past couple of months I’ve posted three times on which metrics are the most repeatable over the remainder of the season, as well as how predictive they are of the number of points a given team will score going forward. Those posts came after 9, 14, and 15 games had been played in … Continue reading »
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