MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2013: Soccer Analytics Panel

Panelists : Chris Anderson, Albert Larcada, Blake Wooster, Jeff Agoos The makeup of this year’s panel is very different from that of Soccer Panel at SSAC 2012. Dominated by “club insiders” last year, this year’s panel had a mix of “outsiders” like Chris Anderson, Blake Wooster from Prozone represented the data companies, Albert Larcada from ESPN coming from media […] Read more ›


SSAC in Pictures

This post is part of my ongoing coverage of the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for Howler Magazine.

The following is a compilation of pictures that I took while at the conference.  I didn’t bring my wife’s SLR as I didn’t have the time to be p… Read more ›


Soccer Analytics Papers at SSAC

This post really should be titled “Soccer Analytics Paper at SSAC” as only one paper on soccer analytics was submitted, but that just didn’t sound right for a blog post title. I expect much better out of our budding community next year, and will eat m… Read more ›