Effective time in J-League 2014: Club impact in J2

Continuing from my previous post, I present the impact of Japan’s second-division clubs on the amount of effective playing time relative to the average in J-League Division Two (J2). Here’s some summary data on playing time in J2: The mean effective playing time in J2 during the 2014 season was 52 minutes 30 seconds.  This […] Read more ›

Effective time in J-League 2014: Club impact

Happy New Year to all of our readers!  I hope all of you have a healthy and productive 2015. Let’s ease into the year with some analysis of effective match time in the 2014 J-League Division One competition.  It’s similar to what I’ve done in previous analyses of the Premier League and J-League competitions, and […] Read more ›

Are some referees disproportionately biased towards home teams?

No football fan ever believes the referee is on their side. Most, however, will accept that officials are subconsciously swayed by home support; indeed the authors of Scorecasting believe almost all of home field advantage can be explained by involuntary refereeing biases. But are some Premier League referees more susceptible to these biases than others? […] Read more ›

Top club stats of 2014 and the 2014-15 Premier League and Euro season so far

NB: Europe refers to the top five leagues — English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1
Player stats will be published on Dec. 31.
Most points in Premier League in 2014:
Man City 88 (+56… Read more ›

Restarting fast and slow: Analyzing restart behavior in 2014 J-League

Last year I wrote a series of posts on effective playing time in the top two J-League divisions at the mid-season and end-of-season marks.  Further analysis of the numbers using an admittedly crude regression model indicated that some clubs have a significantly greater effect on the amount of playing time than others, for better or […] Read more ›

Europa League seedings do not separate best and worst

Due to basing the seedings for the Europa League draws on six matches within uneven groupings which were created by the UEFA coefficient systems, the seedings for today’s Europa League draw do not actually separate the best and worst remaining … Continue reading Read more ›