Title/European places/Bottom Three implications for Premiership matches 51-60

Firstly by combining the performance of teams in ’13-14 and ’14-15, here how the Team Rating currently projects the Premiership to finish graphically: And in table form: So, onto this weekend matches – what are the implications of each of the results on the teams playing the games? If you want to skip down to … Continue reading Read more ›


Effective playing time at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The entrails from the 2014 FIFA World Cup have cooled, and the thoughts of football fans have turned to domestic competitions and the Champions League, but I finally got myself out from maintaining and updating the Soccermetrics API to analyze data from the World Cup.  I start with an assessment of effective playing time from […] Read more ›

Current Champions League team most likely to win Europa League

The Europa League kicks off on Thursday, 18 September and at this stage there is less chance of an eventual Europa League winner coming from one of the 48 teams starting the competition than there is from one of the … Continue reading Read more ›

Big Spanish clubs almost certain of CL last 16

The Champions League kicks off this week and the big three Spanish clubs in Euro Club Index terms are all but certain of making the second round of the competition. The fourth Spanish team, Athletic Bilbao, have profited more than … Continue reading Read more ›